• Crypto faucets are websites that let you earn free crypto for a certain period of time. The number of claims can be limited or unlimited. The amount of crypto earned from each faucet is relatively small. However, if the site has a contest, or you have a lot of referrals, then you can make a lot of money from faucet sites.
  • PTC stands for “Paid To Click”, PTC sites are websites that give you free money – usually crypto by viewing ads for a website, video for a certain period of time.

Here is a list of PTC & Faucet sites.

NameFeaturedTime Each Claim (minute)Minimum Claim Amount ($)Popup AdsTutorialLink
Teeth BlockFaucet, PTC, Offerwall, Shortlink50.0005YesReadVisit
Tron-FreeFaucet, Offerwall, Shortlink50.0005YesReadVisit
Free-LitecoinFaucet, Game, Invest600.00075YesReadVisit
ViefaucetFaucet, PTC, Shortlink, Contest30.00045YesComing soonVisit
adBTCPTC, Shortlink, Refferal marketNaN0.001NoReadVisit
LitepickFaucet, Game, Contest600.003NoComing soonVisit
FreebitcoinFaucet, Game, Contest600.002NoComing soonVisit
Autofaucet.DutchycorpFaucet, PTC, Shortlink, Offerwall, Mining, Task, Contest300.0005YesReadVisit
CryptowinFaucet, PTC, Offerwall, Game, Invest 150.0005YesComing soonVisit
CointyplyFaucet, PTC, Shortlink, Offerwall, Task, Contest, Game600.0023NoReadVisit
CoinpayuFaucet, PTC, Offerwall, Contest, Refferal market600.001NoReadVisit
PipeflareFaucet, Game, Airdrop, NFT14400.007NoReadVisit
LarvelfaucetFaucet, PTC, Shortlink, Offerwall, Task, Contest, Game300.0025YesComing soonVisit
FireFaucetFaucet, PTC, Shortlink, Offerwall, Task, Contest300.0004YesComing soonVisit
Ad-DogeFaucet, PTC, Shortlink, Offerwall, Task, ContestNaN0.0005YesComing soonVisit
AdsdgbPTC, ShortlinkNaN0.001NoComing soonVisit
CroclixPTC, Offerwall, Task, Contest, GameNaN0.0001YesComing soonVisit
ClaimbitsFaucet, PTC, Shortlink, Offerwall, Task, Contest50.0005NoComing soonVisit
Claimbits.ioFaucet150.0005YesComing soonVisit
HitbitsFaucet, PTC, Game, Offerwall200.0001YesComing soonVisit
CoinfaucetFaucet, Offerwall600.0003NoComing soonVisit
GetzenFaucet200.001NoComing soonVisit
FreenemFaucet, Offerwall, Contest600.0003NoComing soonVisit
AutoclaimFaucet, Offerwall, ShortlinkNaN0.0005NoComing soonVisit