Instructions to register and make money on Tron-Free.Com


1 Instructions for registering a account

Access, select “Register”

1 2

Next, fill in the information then select “Register”

2 2

Tron-Free will send you an account confirmation email, you need to click on the link in the email.

2. Instructions to make money on

a) Top User

This is a weekly roll, if you are in the top 5 you will get a prize. For example, if you win the first prize in the contest “Top User Of Refferralls”, you will receive 100000 meat = 1$

3 3

b) Free Meat

Every day you will be claimed 50 times, each time 50 meat (bonus 0.1% for each level, up to 10%). Time for each claim is 5 minutes.

4 2

c) View Ads

Watch ads for a period of time and you will receive money, the number of ads depends on each time.

5 2

d) Lottery

Buy a lucky lottery ticket and get a prize if you win. Daily Tron-Free will draw at 00:00 UTC, if the lottery ticket you purchased matches the number drawn you will receive the full prize that day. The more you buy, the higher the reward rate

6 1

e) Meat Mining

Mining meat using your computer’s CPU, the higher your computer configuration, the higher the mining rate, See mining instructions at

7 1

f) Offerwall (hight reward)

Complete offers to receive very high rewards

8 1

g) Basket 1

Complete the short url and get the reward. Note, ads can make you uncomfortable in this part, please use your computer to make it easier. Here you will get both meat and eggs. Exchange eggs for meat in “Sell Egg”


3. Instructions for withdrawing money on

To withdraw money follow the image below.


Then select the withdrawal method you want to withdraw. Tron-Free allows you to withdraw to Faucetpay and Expresscrypto.

12 1

Minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 meat = 0.01$. Processing time up to 2 days. To withdraw to Faucetpay you need to add email or crypto address to withdrawal address, for Expresscrypto you need to add ID-User – Eg: ID-User-123456

13 1

Thus, I have finished guiding how to make money on Tron-Free. Have fun making money.

Watch detailed video tutorial

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