How to make money on Publish0x?

What is Publish0x? How to make money with Publish0x?

What is Publish0x? Publish0x is a pay-as-you-go platform for reading newspapers or blogging on their website. Easily earn free crypto by reading newspaper or posting 1 article on their website every day.

In this article, I will guide you to register and make money with Publish0x for free, as well as how to withdraw money to your wallet, currently Publish0x only pays in crypto. Below is the web interface of publish0x translated into Vietnamese, because the main interface of the page is English. But you don’t need to worry about this, because clicking is also simple

So what is Publish0x?

To put it simply, Publish0x is a website that allows us to read articles shared by people regardless of country about cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, ADA, BAT… or other topics.

You will be rewarded in crypto from what you have read according to the lowest receiving rate of 0% to 80%. The remaining 20% is the lowest that the author writing that content will receive when you tip them.
In addition, you can earn extra income by writing articles on Publish0x’s website. You will also get a bonus if someone reads those content from your share. They will tip you at a rate of 20%-80%

Make money with Publish0x – Read newspapers – How to write articles?

First, you need to register an account on the Publish0x website to be able to earn free money every day.

You enter your email and password to create an account, the website will send an email notifying you to verify your account, then you can read the newspaper to make money.

There are 3 ways to make money with Publish0x

Option 1: Read newspapers to make money

Although it is said to read newspapers, but actually you do not need to read every word, just skim a few seconds on the article to be able to click like and tip to receive rewards.


Go to the homepage, choose any article and read it. Each post is about 10 minutes apart. According to me every day, the web only shows you about 10-15 articles in a day, and the articles you have read, you can still read them again after 24 hours.

Scroll to the end of the article, you click the like button, and drag the green button on the custom slider to choose the tip ratio for the article author, if you leave the slider like the image above, the author will receive a 20% tip , and you receive the remaining 80% bonus. And if you drag the slider to the right, the author will enjoy more proportions corresponding to the position you drag to.

Option 2: become an author and get tips

When you have a passion that you want to share with everyone, you can start writing here, blogging for free on Publish0x, posting in related categories. You can even include affiliate links about the projects you are working on in the article content, and easily make money from the content you have written. How !!

Similar to when you read another author’s article. When someone reads your article, will tip you according to the percentage they like, also from 20%-80%. And you can rest assured that all paid crypto is from a third party, Publish0x absolutely does not take any fees from you and other authors.

You register to become an author by following the form, by going to the dashboard – dashboard > select the item to become an author > fill out the form > note the regulations on community standards.

Option 3: invite people to make money with you

Finally you can become a Publish0x Ambassador through your referral link, to share this way of making money with others. You will get 5% tips from referring new members


With the above clear information, then Publish0x is a reputable free money-making platform that has been operating for a long time, attracting a large participating community > more than 180k registered users. If you have a penchant for writing, making money is quite easy on this platform. As for reading newspapers and enjoying 5% tips from the people you refer, you have also earned several hundred thousand / day

Ok, I have shared more with you about another free money-making niche, you don’t need to invest, right, but still make money on this platform. Please support me by registering by following the link above, or clicking the button here

Thank you all for reading this article. There will be many other projects, hoping to bring you the right choice to have more income. I wish you luck and success.

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