What is TeethBlock?

Teeth Block is a website that allows you to earn money through: faucet, watching PTC ads, offer wall, shortlink…

Instructions for making money on Teeth Block

First you need to register for a Teeth Block account here

Fill in the information according to the form and then select Register.

Then the website will send you an account activation letter, you must activate your account to be able to withdraw money.

After logging in to Teeth Block to start earning, choose Earning

Next, choose your favorite ways to make money such as: Faucet, PTC, Shortlink, offerwall. Teeth Block Faucet pays pretty well and very few pop-up ads. You can Claim 0.0005$ every 5 minutes and there is no limit on the number of Claim


To withdraw you need at least 200 tokens = 0.002$. Select Dashboard then scroll down and you will see a withdrawal section

Here choose to withdraw to Coinbase or FaucetPay, at Wallet Address enter your Coinbase or FaucetPay registration email. The money will be sent immediately to your account. However, if you show signs of fraud the system will withhold your funds for up to 48 hours for review

So I have guided you how to earn and withdraw money on Teeth Block, if you have any questions please comment below the comment section. Happy earning!

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