1. About link shortening

What is link shortening?

Link shortening is the process of changing the URL of a web page or online resource to make it shorter and easier to submit and share. When you shorten a link, you’re presented with a shorter and easier to remember URL, which you can use to redirect users to the original site or resource. The link shortening tools also provide statistics on link visits and clicks, making advertising and marketing more effective.

What is shortened link to make money?

Shortening links for money is a function of link shortening tools, allowing users to earn money from sharing their shortened links. This can be done by adding ads or referral links to the website or resource referred to from the shortened link.

When users visit shortened links, they will see ads or referral links, and if they click on them, users will earn money from sharing that link. However, making money through shortened links depends on many factors, including the number of visits, the click-through rate of the ad, and the commission rate supported by the link shortener.

2. Benefits of using shortened links to make money

  • Easy to share: When you shorten a link, you can easily share it on social networks, messages, or anywhere else. Shorter URLs make sharing easier and more powerful.
  • Easy to remember: Short URLs are easier to remember than long and complex URLs. This means you can easily remember and share links with friends or customers.
  • Convenience: The link shortener provides a simple and easy to use interface that makes shortening links easier and faster.
  • Visit Statistics: When you shorten the link, you can see the statistics of the visits and clicks on the link, making advertising and marketing more effective.
  • Make money: If you use a link shortener that supports monetization, you can earn money from sharing shortened links.

3. Top 10 most reputable money shortening websites in 2023

Currently, there are many active link withdrawing sites and the rate of scam (not paying users) is also very high. Therefore, to choose a good link shortening site to make stable money, you can see the following criteria:

CPM: Pay high or low

CPM is the amount that the shortening site pays for 1000 clicks of the shortened link and completing it. For example, you shorten the link “https://www.google.com” on the Dash-Free page to the following shortened link “https://short.dash-free.com/V6gCI”. With a CPM on Dash-Free of 3$ in Vietnam, when someone in Vietnam clicks on the shortened link, completes the link to go to the landing page “https://www.google.com” you will receive 0.003 $.

You should choose sites with high CPM to fight. I recommend choosing sites with a minimum CPM of 3$.


View/IP/day means that the link shortening page counts for 1 IP address how many views in 1 day. For example on Dash-Free currently calculates 3 views/IP/day which means that IP when clicking and completing your shortened link 3 times will be charged normally. But the 4th time will not be charged. Note: The IP here is the IP of the network you use, not the device’s IP. If 3 computers share wifi, it will still be counted as 1 IP.

Payment proof

You need to go to the “proof of payment” page of the link shortener to see when the last payment was made. If it was only about 1, 2, 3, 4 days ago, it proves that the link shortening page is still paying prestige to users. Also on the “proof of payment” page you can see the number of times the link shortener has paid, if the page has paid many times, it shows that the page is old and reputable.

The image below is proof of payment on Dash-Free, At the time of writing it is February 13, 2023 and you can see the last payment is February 12, 2023.

rut gon link kiem tien 1

Do intermediaries have a lot of annoying ads?

If a shortener page navigates to intermediaries that have a lot of annoying ads like pop-up ads, the user will get annoyed with these ads, resulting in not completing the view to get there. landing page and you will have no money. Therefore, choose sites with few ads.

However, consider CPM because link shortening sites take money from the ad network to pay users, so placing less ads means lower CPM.

The following Guide will list the 10 most prestigious link shortening websites in 2023

  1. Dash-Free | CPM: 3-8$, 3 view/IP/day.
  2. Traffic1s | CPM: 20-25$, 2 view/IP/day.
  3. Link1s | CPM: 3,3-15$, 1-3 view/IP/day.
  4. Shrinkearn | CPM: 3,5-20$, 1 view/IP/day.
  5. Clk.Sh | CPM: 3,3-20$, 1 view/IP/day.
  6. Shrinhme | CPM: 3,5-22$, 1 view/IP/day.
  7. Fc.lc | CPM: 3-10$, 1 view/IP/day.
  8. Exe | CPM: 3-8$, 1 view/IP/day.
  9. Clicksfly | CPM: 4-22$, 1 view/IP/day.
  10. Linksly | CPM: 3.3-21, 1 view/IP/day.

4. How to make money effectively from shortening links

Shortening the link to make money happens in the following steps: Shorten the destination link into a shortened link -> share the shortened link -> the user clicks on the shortened link to complete the steps to reach the destination link.

So to make money effectively from shortening links, your destination link must be really attractive to users so that users have to complete the shortened link to reach the destination link. Here are a few ways to do the Walking Guide will share with you.

  • Destination links are software download pages
  • Destination links are 3x pages
  • Install on faucet page (This is a form of using money to buy views)

If you know more effective ways, please comment below 🙂

5. Conclusion

Shortening links to make money is still a popular and effective form of making money online. If you already have experience in this field, you can absolutely earn thousands of dollars per month. Good luck

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