How to make money on Pipeflare?

PipeFlare is a reputable project that makes it easy for you to mine coins. Currently, you can mine ZEC, Matic and 1FRL coins directly to your wallet account after each claim.

Unlike other free mining websites, you have to wait for enough min to withdraw, usually 30-50 days later if you just dig without recruiting refs or have additional bonuses, it takes a lot of time for you to withdraw coins. about, not to mention you can lose all the coins you’ve worked so hard to mine after days of hard work when the website dies – a situation that often happens with money-making websites like this.

PipeFlare is not like that, every time you claim the entire coin will be withdrawn to your coin wallet, depending on the transaction of each wallet.

Steps to make money on PipeFlare

Step1: Click here to register for an account

Step 2: Register an account
Specify your name, Gmail, password and agree to the terms and then click register.

Step 3: Go to gmail and click on the link that PipeFlare sent you to verify your account. (this step is very important because without verification you will not be able to successfully register an account)

Step 4: You paste the wallet link of the coin you dug into the withdrawal wallet of that coin (a very important step, note that you should paste the correct wallet link for each coin to avoid losing the wrong coin). To enter your wallet address paste, Click on Daily rewards (or go to this link in the menu above
Step 5: Claim coin
Every 20-24 hours you log in to claim 1 time.

So I showed you how to make money on PipeFlare. Thank you for reading the article, wish you happy earning ๐Ÿ™‚

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