What is COS.TV?Online monet guide with COS.TV from A – Z

Probably a lot of people already know about how to make money on YouTube, by creating and sharing video content with people. COS.TV is a similar channel, but there are more interesting points, more opportunities to make money that I will share with you soon!

1. What is COS.TV?

COS.TV is a new monetizing channel that enables the creation of video content on the Blockchain platform.COS.TV aims to share more benefits for all users, including those who view content to the creator of that video content.Unlike YouTube, only channel owners and video creators are paid.

2. How to make money with COS.TV

We are all familiar with ordinary currencies such as VND or USD but with the COSTV platform, the currency will be calculated in COS, VEST and then we will convert it into VND and I will guide how to convert at the end of the article.

2.1. How to make money for users “NO” to invest COS, i.e. make free money and do not invest?

A. You create channels and create good video content, and develop your COS.TV channel similar to youtube: Your task is to make content, post and develop your COS.TV Channel that attracts more followers, the more subs and views you have, the stronger your channel is.In particular, the better the content, the more COS you get. Your COS number is calculated by the number of “Likes” from your video viewers. The more “likes” you earn, the more COS you’ll get.


  • The amount of likes earned is only 7 days from the date of posting the video.
  • What is gifting vote? It’s a gift that video content viewers give you, if they like your video, they’ll use their COS to buy you Gifting Votes, 1 GV=1COS
  • For money calculated in LIKE, after 7 days the system will return to you, it is worth noting that the cos price can rise and fall, the COS price increases, the money increases and vice versa.

B. You go good comments and get others to “like” your comments

Similar to liking videos, getting liked by someone else is also calculated for 7 days.

Note: Users who want to make money without “investing” will make money more slowly and less than those who have capital investments, unless the video content you are very good, channel many subs, thrive in the short term.

2.2. How to make money for those who “INVEST” in COS.TV system?

This is the way to make the most money from the COS channel. TV. With this form you will receive 5 sources of high income from operations and investments on COS.TV as follows:

  • Create video content (guided as part 2.1), you post videos and develop subs a lot on COS.TV channel, many people are interested to get more followers
  • Good comments and like your comments by others (guided on section 2.1)
  • Income from liking other people’s videos: The value of vest increases and decreases from time to time.
  • Income from liking comments or other users on COS.TV: The COS.TV system returns vest to the account after the other person’s video expires (7 days). The value of VEST increases and decreases from time to time, the income also depends on it.
  • Make money by voting BP: This is the largest source of passive income, the most profitable when you join the COS.TV system. Currently, on average, you will receive more than 10% of the COS value that you have invested (by month, for example, if you invest 100,000 COS in the system, you will receive 10,000 COS / month).


The system’s voting rewards will be paid non-fixed and low from time to time but the current figures calculate the participation ranges from over 10%. Thus, to close briefly for investing in COS.TV system, from the above 5 monetizing activities, each month you can earn 15%-20% of the invested, for example, investing 100,000 VEST, each month you earn 15000-20000 VEST, in simple terms, investing 1,000 USD per month will earn 150-200 USD.

3. Investment guidance in COS. The TV is reasonable and effective.

Step 1: Buy COS on Binance Exchange

Step 2: Deposit COS into the system COS.TV.

Step 3: After loading cos, you transfer COS to VEST to get started

Step 4: Start making money on COS.TV

It may seem a bit complicated, but hopefully through the article you understand cos. What is a TV, and COS. TV is a reputable online monetization channel that many people participate in, high interest income. Of course, the main factor is still creating video content to post to your channel.

Have fun making money online!

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