The cryptocurrency industry, especially Bitcoin, is still growing. However, the content surrounding the news about Bitcoin on the network is still quite lacking. Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity to create a website dedicated to posting about bitcoin news, advice, trading instructions, surely the chances of making money will be very high.

If you own a website or blog about cryptocurrencies, CoinTraffic can be a good way to make money from Bitcoin.

1. What is CoinTraffic?
2. Conditions for running banner ads for CoinTraffic.
3. CoinTraffic CPM Ratio.
4. Types of ads on CoinTraffic.
5. Withdrawals on CoinTraffic.

1. What is CoinTraffic?

CoinTraffic is an ad network dedicated to the virtual currency community, which specializes in placing advertisements on its network of specific websites. CoinTraffic runs both ad campaigns for clients and provides an ad revenue share to the owners of the websites on which their ads appear.

CoinTraffic was founded in 2016. The company claims to have delivered over 1.8 billion customer-related impressions and completed more than 600 ad campaigns since then. CoinTraffic has a network of over 300 Bitcoin-related websites in their ad network.

However CoinTraffic does not contain much information about owning and operating this company, where it is located, or how to contact them other than via email.

2. Conditions for running ads for CoinTraffic

  • Your Website must be related to cryptocurrency
  • The domain name of your website must be purchased from the registrar, not subdomains, free domains…
  • Your website should ensure brand safe content including unique and original articles and user-friendly interface.
  • Your website must have at least 5,000 user traffic per month

To keep Cointraffic’s service reputable and professional, CoinTraffic will reject any low-quality websites. Cointraffic also does not accept HYIP websites, or websites that are not related to the cryptocurrency market.

3. CoinTraffic CPM Rate

Cointraffic uses only the CPM (Cost Per Mille) payment model. This means that all commissions are based on banner impressions.

The CPM rate is based on the following core factors:

  • Ad format – what type of banner or format is being used?
  • Website traffic quality.
  • Install GEO.
  • Websites by theme.

Normally CPM for popup is: 0.7€ and CPM for banner is: 0.2€

4. Types of Ads on CoinTraffic

  • Popunder
  • Banner

5. Withdrawal on CoinTraffic

Minimum withdraw: 25€

Payment method: Bitcoin

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