Adsterra is an advertising network founded in 2013, still operating and paying regularly for members. Adsterra has many forms of advertising to make money, so this can be said to be a great choice for bloggers to make money online in this form.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of Adsterra


  • There are many forms of advertising such as pop up, banner, web push, social bar…
  • Accept all kinds of free blogs/webs like blogspot, workpress…
  • Accept all sites 18+
  • High rate, accept both CPM and CPC
  • Simple browsing conditions, fast browsing time
  • Easy, automatic payment, 2 times in 1 month when enough minpay


  • Banner sometimes fails, does not display ads regularly

2. Instructions for adding Web/blog to Adsterra

First of all, you need to create an ADSTERRA account

Then you need to add your web/blog.
In the main interface, select Website => then select Add New Website

Complete the following steps:

Waiting time for browsing is quite fast, in 30 minutes to 4 hours.

3. Basic information on Adsterra

  1. Website consent policy: most websites
  2. Ad formats: Banner, popup, native banner, vast (video), social bar.
  3. Average CPM: 0.0004$
  4. Average CPC: 0.01$
  5. Minimum withdrawal amount: 5$
  6. Payment methods: Paypal, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire tranfer, BTC, USDT.
  7. Payment period: 2 times a month – From 1-3 and 16-18 monthly.

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