How to earn on Lunarcrush

1. Lunarcrush account registration instructions

  • Visit Lunarcrush, below is the interface of Lunarcrush. Next, click “Log In/Register”
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  • Enter your email and click “Next”
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  • Drag the crypto icon to the moon
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  • Click on the link in the email
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2. Guide to making money on Lunarcrush

  • This is the interface screen after login. Notice the circled area, this is your balance
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Every day Lunarcrush distributes 65000 Lunr tokens. Your job is to enter Lunarcrush on quests to earn points. By the end of the day in UTC, your Poin will be converted to Lunr token according to the following formula:

Lunr = (X*100*65000)/Y


  • Lunr is the total number of Lunr tokens you will receive.
  • X is your total Poins.
  • Y is the total Poin of all users.
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Cách để kiếm Poin, Làm các công việc như hình bên dưới

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  • New account signup: After signup get 25 points – Get 1 time only
  • Add first holding: Hold at least 30 Lunr to get 25 Poin – Get 1 time only
  • Add first alert: Create an alert to get 25 Points – Get 1 time only
  • Connect Twiter account: Get 25 Point – Get 1 time only
  • Daily active user: Get 5 Poin – Get 1 time per day
  • Every 10 minutes on Lunarcrush: Get 10 Poin – Get 12 time per day (Open the app for at least 5 minutes each time online)
  • Link share: Get 2 Poin – Get 10 time per day
  • Link click: Get 1 Poin – Get 50 time per day
  • Friend sign-up: Get 5 Poin – Get 5 time per day

So I have finished guiding how to make money on Lunarcrush, wish you happy making money online.

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