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Google Adsense is probably always the first choice of those who want to participate in the form of making money by placing ads on the website. However, because Google Adsense has strict terms, your website is not always accepted. So how to not waste a website with good traffic, the answer is to make money with Popads.

What are Popads?

Popads is the best popup ad network available for websites and blogs. Popads has been developed since 2010 and has now become the top choice for webmasters. This article guides you to make money with

Why make money with Popads?

  • Easy registration, one step only and easy acceptance. Popads accepts all websites large and small, with any content including adult websites.
  • There is a function to limit ads appearing, to avoid causing much trouble for guests, each ad can only be displayed once.
  • The payment is small and fast, for Paypal, the minimum is 5$.
  • No cost, you can completely create a free website from the services of,… to have a website and register for Popads.
  • There is no fee when withdrawing, you can withdraw as much as you can.

What to prepare to register for Popads?

  • An official Email, to confirm the account and receive information from Popads sent every time there is a notification from the account.
  • A Paypal or Payoneer account for withdrawals.
  • A website owned by you to place ads.

Instructions for registering an account to make money with Popads

Step 1: Go to the Popads registration page:

popads signup

Fill in your username, email and password in the boxes in the image above. Note Account Type select Publisher. Check the 2 boxes I have read… and I’m not a robot. Finally click Register to register.

Step 2: Confirm registration email:

Instructions for adding a website to make money with Popads

Step 1: After logging in to the website, click New Website in the right sidebar as shown below:


Fill in website information.

After filling in, click Add website to add. Wait about 1.2 days Popads approves your account.

Step 2: Get the code added to the website.

After the website is approved, you log in to your Popads account. Click on Code Generator:


Select the website to get the code in the website section, then click Generate code.

Copy the code you received and add it to your website. Note that you should add Header or Footer so that the ad can be displayed on all pages of the website. Each website will have a different code, so if you have many websites when getting the code, pay attention to which website you are getting the code from, to avoid misplacing.


Popads is an ad network worth trying, easy to join. The only thing you need to do is focus on developing good content to attract more visitors. If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment below.

Good luck!!

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